The course has been created with you in mind

You must have a full understanding of how to become a Civil Funeral Celebrant – from meeting funeral directors, how to introduce yourself, how to meet bereaved families and how to gain as much information from the families in order to create the perfect service for their loved one through to how to write a script and how to deliver the service.

We have a professional voice coach to teach you to project your voice and how to control your breathing – techniques which will help you immeasurably.

Being a Civil Funeral Celebrant can be one of the most rewarding, humbling and satisfying careers you can ever hope to embark on and we are here to share with you all our wealth of knowledge and experience.

We also serve great coffee to help you get through the course!

We will guide you through the various funerals you may deal with and teach you how to cope with the various emotions and situations in which you may find yourself. Once you have completed the course our team will continue to support your afterwards; we will be there to continue guiding you and offering you advice when you come across a particularly difficult set of circumstances. We hope you will form lasting bonds and friendships with your fellow delegates that you meet on your course

After the three day course our aim is to have you arrive back home knowing that you now have the training under your belt, feeling full of confidence and ready to embark on your new career.