Certificate in Funeral Celebrancy

Hello and a warm welcome to the Association of Civil Funeral Celebrants (ACFC). Based in Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire, UK, we offer comprehensive training to those interested in becoming a Civil Funeral Celebrant.

Whether becoming a Civil Funeral Celebrant is something you have been considering doing for some time, or whether you've been considering a new career and maybe you've stumbled across us, we at ACFC, will guide and train you through all the different aspects of becoming a Civil Funeral Celebrant. Providing you are warm, caring, a good speaker and, most importantly, a very good listener, you are well on the way to becoming a Civil Funeral Celebrant. We will train you to craft and conduct a ceremony befitting and tailored to the beliefs, values and desires of a deceased individual and his or hers immediate family members.

Civil Funeral Celebrants are people who can help you create a funeral that is right for you and honours the person who has passed away. It is truly, one of the most rewarding careers you can ever embark on.

Our course aims to guide you towards becoming a fully fledged Civil Funeral Celebrant. We at the ACFC have conducted thousands of funeral services between us and have a wealth of knowledge we wish to pass on to you.

Why train to become a Funeral Celebrant?

This challenging role helps people during one of the hardest times in their lives.

More and more people are choosing to use independent funeral celebrants rather than the traditional choice of a religious minister.

By delivering personal and distinctive funerals you could earn a good income (approx. £200 per service depending on your area) and have a rewarding career at the same time helping people at their time of grief.

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